Claudia Grom

Rucksack, 2015, 170 x 100 x 30 cm, Installation, Nylon, iPad, Schuhe Goretex
Protect Me, 2015, Video
Inner Exit, 2015, Video


Claudia Grom, born near Munich, lives and works as a mixed media artist in Frankfurt and in transit. Her career started in the international hotel management business followed by Design Studies at KISD Köln International Design School in Cologne. 1993 fate dealt her a sudden blow, necessitating the takeover of the family business and her return to hotel management and healthcare business as managing partner.

Only in the last couple of years she started to focus on art and design as her profession again. Her work includes mixed media installations, sculptures, land art, videos, photography and text.



Selected Exhibitions



Everything is fine with Betsy, grassgrün, Frankfurt


the artist is not present, Galerie Uhn, Königstein


„to be continued | Fortsetzung folgt“, Gruppenausstellung, grassgrün, Frankfurt


Kulturwald - Akzente und Markierungen, LAND ART, Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt e.V.

OPEN STUDIOS, Abendschule der Städel Schule Frankfurt


NETZ EUROPA, Landesgalerie im O.Ö. Landesmuseum Francisco Carolinum und in den Austria Tabakwerken, Linz


„Kölner Modell“, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln


Personal Body Pack, Yellow Circle, Köln






Everything is Fine with Betsy, Kunstkatalog, Herausgeber: Kelly O‘Brien, Claudia Grom, Chris Kircher, Katja v. Ruville


NETZ EUROPA, Ausstellungskatalog, Herausgeber: Helmuth Gsöllpointner

Köln Informativ, Ambiente 1-2/94


Warum ist ein Radio kein Bügeleisen?, markt+wirtschaft, IHK Köln 11/93

Karton - ein Dialog, Verpackungs-Rundschau 11/1993

Ausstellung „Karton - Ein Dialog“, Die neuen Ansprüche, NV Neue Verpackung, 8/1993






Private collections in Germany and France